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CO High(Medium) Temperature Shift Catalysts

CAS号 -
纯度 -
分子式 -
包装规格 25kg/bag


Used in the high or medium temperature shift reaction of CO and steam to form H2 and C02 in synthesis ammonia or hydrogen plant.

Operating conditions:

Physico-chemical properties:


  • High-performance product modified with promoters, taking iron oxide as active component, chromic oxide as structure

  • Suitable for high space velocity and lower steam/dry gas ratio operating conditions, excellent low-temperature
    activity, enable increasing of production capability and energy saving.

  • Excellent selectivity, suppressing the generation of by-products, such as hydrocarbons and alcohols .

  • Excellent mechanical strength to avoid breaking during operation. Long service life.

  • Low bulk density, reducing catalyst dosage.

  • Excellent sulfur resistance performance.

  • Strong adaptability and good operating flexibility.