Dimethyl carbonate: prices slightly higher after the holiday

2021-10-09 09:01 Yanshuo Chemical
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The price of dimethyl carbonate in China maintained a steady upward trend throughout September. The trading atmosphere in the field is excellent, and the supply continues to decline, so the price keeps rising under good demand. By the end of September, Shandong quoted 10800-11500 yuan/ton. During the holiday, the field device on and off are saved, the downstream part of the follow up, Shandong Lihua Yi bidding price of 12800 yuan/ton telegraphic transfer, today's market slightly continues to rise.

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DMC RMB price trend in Chinese market (2020/10/8 - 2021/10/8)

Pre-holiday market review:

Part in early September, the downstream industry began to stock up, especially battery electrolyte solvent, in the field supply side under the condition of pressure is not big, prices have continued to rise, small amplitude but by the late policy action downwards, fermentation, downstream industries and end users have received the influence of different level, the majority of their production, at the same time, factory also is restricted, Anhui Tongling is reduced to half-load production, Zhongyanhong square parking, Zhejiang Petrochemical due to the parking in October temporarily not shipping, resulting in reduced supply in the field, the price rose.

Market Brief before and after holidays:

The overall price of dimethyl carbonate changed little before and after the National Day holiday, while the raw material propylene oxide fell sharply, mainly because of the increase in inventory and the downstream shipment was not smooth. Propanediol increased again due to reduced supply. Due to the first trading day after the holiday, more cautious wait-and-see, some factories intend to offer more than 22,000 yuan/ton. Methanol is also significantly affected by the policy and its price rises.

Future forecast:

In terms of the device, zhejiang Petrochemical stopped during the "National Day" holiday, and Shandong Wells two sets of device stopped, and after the holiday, Zhongyanhong Sifang did not receive a driving notice, followed by Anhui Tongling Jintai intended to stop, so even in Shandong Hualu Hengsheng more smooth driving, the field supply is still a certain amount of reduction. The downstream industry also continues to recover, especially the electrolyte solvent industry, the overall operating rate is low, the specific recovery time still depends on policy restrictions. In general, it is not likely that the domestic price of dimethyl carbonate will fall in the short term, so we need to pay close attention to the increase and decrease of supply and demand.